Clinician Mentoring Program

The HIV Clinician Mentoring Program is an intensive 12-month program designed for licensed physicians, physicians assistants, and advance practice nurses serving the Southeast region.  The goal of the program is to increase the Southeast's capacity to provide high quality, accessible care to people living with HIV by training a diverse cadre of clinicians who are qualified, competent, and poised to provide excellence in HIV specialty care. 

Clinicians accepted into the HIV Clinician Mentoring Program will benefit from:

  • Mentorship: developing a working relationship with a leader in HIV medicine
  • Intensive HIV trainings: access to one-day seminars, on-line trainings, webinars, teleconferences, face-to-face trainings and clinical observations.
    CME credit may be available for select trainings.
  • Individualized Learning Plans: addressing HIV-related topics such as: epidemiology, testing and diagnosis, initiation and management of ART, treatment failure, comorbid conditions, opportunistic infections, risk behaviors, mental health, reproductive counseling, culturally competent care, and health care delivery systems
  • Capacity Building:  increasing their ability to provide  HIV specialty care  within their practice setting and community
  • Clinical Interaction: observing patient care and responding to simulated patient situations and case scenarios
  • Cohort Experiences:  developing professional relationships with clinician mentees across the Southeast

Clinicians accepted into the HIV Clinician Mentoring Program will be expected to:

  • complete 20 hours of training (e.g., webinars, workshops) in 12 months as described by SEATEC
  • complete 12 hours of clinical practicum in 12 months as described by SEATEC
  • participate in the kick-off and closing ceremonies
  • anticipate providing direct clinical care to HIV-infected patients in the Southeast region for a minimum of 1 year following program completion

Recruitment Resources
HIV Clinician Mentoring Brochure
HIV Clinician Mentoring Flyer